BJ Fischer

File_000As you can see from Barb’s intro, reading brought us together.  For what it is worth, I didn’t really like the Tom Robbins I was reading when she reached out to me.  Here’s a picture of me reading when Barb and I were on vacation.  For the record, I am reading Lucky Bastard by Joe Buck, which is better than you might think it would be.

We’re hoping this blog finds readers who like discussions about books.  From time to time, something else might find its way in, but more or less we’re here to talk about our love of reading.  I don’t have a kindergarten story like Barb, but I will tell you that my gateway drug was Matt Christopher’s books about sports.  I read each one of them in the Conneaut School library, probably more than once and always when I was supposed to be asleep.