Karamazov Brothers Book Eight: Yadda yadda yadda

yaddaOk, I don’t even know what to say. You know when your friend has so much drama going on, and someone asks you how they are doing….and you are like, I can’t even. That’s like this part.

Here is the thing, Dimitry is a mess. He is covered in blood and has three thousand roubles in his pocket, and has gone full-stalker mode on Grushenka. How he got here doesn’t really matter. Except…

Dostoyvesky does this brilliant (and annoying) thing where he basically leaves out two huge plot points during the telling of Dimitry’s tale. He is up in a tree looking into his father’s bedroom trying to figure out if Grushenka is there. He does the secret knock he was told (the one Grushekna uses to tell the elder Karamazov that she has arrived) and his father goes running to get the door. Obvs G isn’t in the room. The next thing we know, Dimitry is running down the street, clubbed Grigory in the head with a pestle (after a confrontation), is covered in blood and with the stack of roubles in his pocket.

A bunch of stuff happens, including an orgy-like party involving some Polish soldiers, gypsy singers, someone dressed up like a bear, Grushenka and Dimitry. Just when Grushenka is finally declaring her eternal love for Dimitry, and they are “planning” to run away and get married, the police come in and accuse Dimitry of murdering his father.


Ok, so the brilliant part is that no one saw this coming. The irritating part is that I was like, did I miss something? Where did he get the money? Did he kill his father and I somehow missed the subtle clues?

The answer is no. (And as an aside, Dostoyevsky doesn’t do subtle.)

The thing is, it’s not looking good for Dimitry. He was basically running around town like a crazed lunatic, covered in blood, showing around his duelling pistols (eventually pawning them for cash and then buying them back). Everyone for miles around knew that there was bad blood between he and his father. Everyone knew that he was desperate for money. Other than the fact that we (the readers) didn’t see him do it, it totally looks like Dimitry murdered his father. Which makes me think that he didn’t do it. But then, who did?

This is what is brilliant about the writing of this book – you legit don’t know what is going to happen next. It definitely makes for an interesting and compelling read.

And on to the next part of…what crazy thing will happen next!

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