Fourth of July! By the book…

1067See what I did there? By the book…it’s a book blog…


So this is my first fourth of July living in these United States. The first thing I will say is it’s definitely a different experience than how Canadians celebrate Canada Day (which was July 1st). I will say that Canadians are better (more enthusiastic) about embracing their nationalism but it’s nothing like it is in America.

However…..on to books…

American history is way more interesting than Canadian history. There, I said it. Is it because it’s more or less interesting? Not particularly. But I do think Americans are better at selling the origin story. There are heroes: George Washington, Paul Revere and more “recently’ Alexander Hamilton. I dare you to name a hero of Canadian confederation? I’ll wait over here…<plays Jeopardy music>

Admittedly I have read more books on US history and presidents than I have about Canada. In my defense, I have read books on Trudeau (Pierre, not Justin), Montcalm and Wolfe….and, well that’s possibly it. I did start one about Sir John A. Macdonald (the first PM of Canada) but I couldn’t finish it. I won’t bother to start a list of American related history books I’ve read, we would be here all day.

The one that comes to mind is 1776 by David McCullough. First off, McCullough is a master storyteller. I have read a few books by him and they are all extremely entertaining. You feel is if you are reading a novel, not a history book. And the story of 1776 is interesting – a bunch of guys who wanted to create a new¬† country and wanted to vanquish the big bad king. (Or something like that.) It’s a good vs. evil story. You have rogue dudes. A guy riding at midnight on a horse with a lantern. And fancy hats!

In his post, BJ mentioned that his step-father didn’t learn about US history in his British school. But being as I was in Canada and we are next-door neighbours, we definitely learned about US history in school. So it’s more familiar to me.

Anyway…..enjoy the day! Have a hot dog and enjoy some fireworks. Happy Independence Day!




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