Happy Canada Day eh!

img_0280It’s Canada Day in my homeland. A day where we celebrate all things Canadian: hockey, poutine and apologizing. Actually it’s usually just an excuse to sit outside, or at the dock and drink beer for most of the day until the fireworks start.

BJ and I were trying to think of what to make for dinner today to celebrate. We were researching Canadian food and I remembered that I had a Canadian cookbook. What? Yes, it’s true. There is a picture above.

I borrowed this book from my mom a while ago. I had a hankering for date squares and the ‘good recipe’ was in this book. I did ask if she wanted it back recently but she told me to keep it (honest, you can ask her)!

This is an old book, well it’s older than me! My aunt gave it to my mom as a gift in 1967 (per the inscription on the front page).

As I was flipping through the book the thing that struck me the most was the strong memories some of the recipes had for me. The ones I remember my mom making were mostly cookies at Christmas. There are two – one for shortbread and one for thumbprint cookies.

I remember sitting in the kitchen, when I was little, with my mom as she pressed out the shortbread cookies with a metal press into different shapes: stars, Christmas trees, wreaths, and helping her decorate them with red and green cherries.

I remember being excited to be old enough to help her roll the cookies in walnut pieces for the thumbprint cookies, make the indentation in the cookies and help fill them with jam once they cooled from the oven.

And the date squares. I recall they are one of my dad’s favourites. I don’t LOVE them, but I do have a hankering for them occasionally and they taste like home.

So on this Canada day I am thinking of home and all my friends and family!

Have a beer for me, eh?!

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