Brothers Karamazov: The end of part one

springerLet me say this is one crazy family. It’s like the equivalent of a Real Housewives franchise or a Jerry Springer episode.

One of the sons clocks the father (it’s looks like he is going to die there for a minute….did someone say MURDER). There is a romantic….square? Like a triangle plus one, involving the Karamazov patriarch, the eldest son (Dmitry), Grushenka (the possible prostitute)…and wait for it, Katarina, the woman that Dmitry is engaged to. What? You read that right…we see Katarina kissing Grushenka’s hand in a very awkward scene where Alyosha (the youngest brother) goes to break off the engagement for Dmitry.

See, it’s a Jerry Springer episode!

We end book one with much unresolved and a lot of tension with the family. We are only 200 or so pages into this thing and we have already seen more action than in the first 800 pages of War and Peace (I might be exaggerating a bit).

So far I really like this book. There is quite a bit of action and suspense and surprise. There is a bit of exposition on religion and politics and the human condition, but it’s been minimal. The story is moving along at a brisk pace.

There is about 800 pages or so to go. I feel like the murder that was alluded to earlier in the book is going to happen soon. Grushenka is going to cause a whole lot of trouble.
And I think the Karamazov boys are all going to get married. Those are my predictions. We will see how I do as we go along.

On to book two!




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