It’s been 6 months of book blogging!

6-mos-anniv-sqBJ and I started this blog in September (ish) so it’s been around 6 months that we have been posting about books. I thought I would take some time to reflect on what I have learned…and not learned.

It has been a very cool and interesting experience. For me, it was difficult to write book reviews since I don’t normally read reviews and really, who am I to tell people about books? When I was feeling self-conscious about it, BJ’s advice to me was to just be myself. I feel like I have been true to that and I have written reviews and posts that interest me. (Let’s be honest, I am not writing for the New York Times Review of Books so the pressure is off.) The process has made me think more about reading and for me, what makes a good reading experience. I was going to write, what makes a good book – but I think that’s different. I like to read for pleasure and to escape, and if a book doesn’t help me do that then it’s not a good read in my opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good book. That has taken me a while to come to terms with.

I won’t lie, being able to review books prior them being released is still super cool. I get a thrill when I get an email that I have been approved for one. And I get a stupid grin on my face when I read the page in the book that says it’s a review copy. Maybe that will get old some day, but I doubt it. I do get that it’s a privilege to be able to do this and I take it seriously. I try to review books that I am approved for in the time allowed. There have been a few that have been archived before I have had a chance to get to them, but generally I have been pretty on top of it.

I have read books that I normally would not have. For me, that is the cool part of this. I have been exposed to books and authors that I never would have been before. I try to stick with reviewing books that I would normally pick out at the bookstore – I think it’s unfair to an author if I try to review a book that is outside of my ‘normal’. However, this has given me the opportunity to have a bit more of a risk-free approach to reading.

I have read more books since starting the blog than I would normally. The blog has been an ‘excuse’ to read. Not that I need one, really. But, like when I did the 50 book pledge a few years back, now I need to make choices – do I play Stardew Valley for an hour or do I read? It’s not a bad position to be in. (Mostly I choose reading….but I am addicted to Stardew, btw.)

On the downside of blogging – I was a bit obsessed with followers for a while. From what I have read from other bloggers, this is common. Getting followers takes work – and I give props to those of you who have managed to do it. What I realize is, we started this blog for fun and it’s not supposed to be a JOB. So I (mostly) have backed off on the obsession with followers.

The other downside is content. I guess this goes hand-in-hand with followers. I can only read so many books, and I like to try to get the reviews out around the release dates, which don’t always coincide with my blogging schedule. However, lives will not be lost if I don’t post on schedule and truthfully, it gives me something to think about.

Thanks for reading and following and liking and commenting! As much as I like doing the posts, it is really nice to know that people are reading and enjoying.


4 thoughts on “It’s been 6 months of book blogging!

  1. What a wonderful reflection! I really love the line, “For me, it was difficult to write book reviews since I don’t normally read reviews and really, who am I to tell people about books.” As reviewers, it’s up to us to remember that these are our own opinions and it is up to our readers whether they take them to heart. As far as followers go, after almost two years of blogging, I agree that it’s difficult to put the thought in the back of your mind, but as long as you are putting out consistent, good content (whatever that means for you personally) and connecting with/supporting your fellow bloggers, the followers will come 🙂

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  2. Congrats with your half year blogiversary. I can say it really never grows old, seeing that it’s a proof and review copy :-). I think you’re doing great, blogging is a learning curve for everyone! The only advice I can give to get more followers is comment on other blogs and share on Twitter.. it’ll pique the interest of others when they see you around 🙂 but as you say, don’t focus on it too much, it’ll come with time!

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