Should have been a movie…

leoOK, so the Oscars were Sunday.  I posted on Sunday about books that had been adapted into movies that won Oscars.  Now, I’d like to play Junior D-boy and suggest some books that I think would be great movies.

Should anyone in the actual movie development business be reading right now, you should hire me before dinner tonight.  I’d be awesome.

Also, I expect to be informed one of these actually was made into a movie and I didn’t know it.  Which would only prove I was right.

It isn’t as easy as you think.  You need some kind of conflict and a love story, typically.  It can’t just be a story.   There needs to be a bad guy.  Now, that’s what we were taught for all fiction, but it seems truer for movies.  A book can get away with a man against himself easier than a movie, I think.

Nonetheless, I would have loved to have seen Bill Murray or Robin Williams in their prime play the lead in A Confederacy of Dunces.

Other books I think would make great movies.

If I Never Get Back— Darryl Brock.  A classic time travel story of 19th Century baseball that includes an Irish insurrection from Canada as well as the undefeated Cincinnati Red Stockings.  There’s a love angle.  It’s a nearly perfect story.

The Celebrant–Erik Rolfe Greenberg.  Another baseball novel, this one related to a jewelry maker and his awestruck relationship with Christy Mathewson.  This is a great story about art and technique.  Would be a great Indie.  No bad guy, really.  Great chance to introduce America to Merkle’s Boner.

Blue Latitudes–by Tony Horwitz.  This is the story of Captain Cook’s journey around the world.  Would be incredibly visual, some creative license would need to be taken with a sabotaging crew member or financier to make a film, but would be captivating.

Tecumseh–by John Sugden.  Why this is not a movie, I do not understand.  The Prophet, Tecumseh’s mystical brother would be a great plot addition.

Darker than Night–by Tom Henderson.  A story of a brutal murder near Luzerne, Michigan…along with the long battle by a lonely state police officer to bring the killers to justice.  Lots of Winter’s Bone like characters combined with a chance for a Peter Falk like investigator.

Playing For Pizza–John Grisham.  The story of an American playing in a low-wattage semi-professional football league in Italy.  Would be perfect.  And there’s a love story.

The Sister Brothers–Patrick DeWitt.  Paging the Coen Brothers.

Heart of Darkness–Joseph Conrad.  HA HA.  I kid.

A Gentleman in Moscow–Amor Towles.  Well discussed on this here blog.  Would be an awesome movie.  Also, since it mostly takes place in one building, has potential as a stage play.

Caravaggio–Helen Langdon.  The pansexual art genius would be the hero for today’s times.  Also there’s a murder.

Five Days at Memorial-Sheri Fink.  The inside story of life and death in a hospital during Hurricane Katrina has Oscar potential and would ignite debates and have people talking.

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