February Book Preview

I have been doing quite a bit of reading, however, most of the books that are in my queue aren’t being released until February. I thought it would be cool to do a preview of my February book list!

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones (February 6th)

american marriage

I have already read this one and written my review – am just waiting until the 6th to hit publish.

I don’t want to give away all the info that is in my review (I want to make sure you come back and read it). But…this was a very interesting read. It was compelling, not predictable and extremely topical and relevant.

I actually did not read the overview of this one before delving into it. And I would suggest you do the same if you are looking to read it.



White Houses by Amy Bloom (February 13)

35876524The story centers around Lorena Hickok. She is a reporter and interviews Eleanor Roosevelt and they start a relationship that spans many years. This is a work of fiction, however, I am assuming that the basic premises of the book are based in fact.

I gravitated towards this one because of the cover, and the title. I skimmed over the synopsis to see if it would be a book I would enjoy, and it caught my attention.

I am about halfway through this and am quite enjoying it.



The Watergate: Inside America’s Most Infamous Address by Joseph Rodota (February 20)

35098706I don’t think I have had a chance to talk about my obsession with Watergate and Richard Nixon on the blog. I don’t know what it is that I find so compelling about that whole period of history. This started a long time ago. Let’s be clear, I was a very small child when the Watergate thing happened.

My family went on a vacation many (many) years ago to Washington DC. We did an organized tour of the city, and they pointed out the Watergate complex. For some reason, I had no idea that Watergate was a place…I just thought it was a thing.

When I saw this book available, I KNEW I had to read it. I have  had it queued up for a while to read, and am super excited to get into it!!!


Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties by Camille Pagán (February 27)

35825161When I look for books to review, I try to pick out ones I would buy or would normally read. I figure that this process and book reviewing is supposed to be enjoyable for me, and I want to be fair in the process and don’t want to judge a book just because it wasn’t a genre I wasn’t in to.

This is a book that I would have definitely picked off the shelf and taken a look at. As I have mentioned, I don’t generally read the synopsis of books, since I like to be surprised (most times works, sometimes doesn’t). So I am actually guilty of judging books by their cover.


I definitely have a full reading schedule for February! Stay tuned for the reviews!!!

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