3 Month Blog-versary!

6a00e009989f8f88330168e7dad34e970cToday marks 3 months since BJ and I launched Married Book Nerds!

I wanted to do a quick post to celebrate and to reflect a bit on what has happened since we launched.

I  have never really had a blog with a consistent ‘schedule’ and one that I needed to come up with content for on a regular basis. One of the initial things I needed to give up and let go of was being…perfect. Are people going to care about this? Is this a silly thing to write about? And on and on (I am sure you are familiar with this scenario). I am definitely more comfortable with just writing a post and letting it go into the world now vs. 3 months ago. I figure that if it’s something I find interesting enough to write about, it will be interesting enough for someone to read about.

I think the thing I struggled with the most (and still do, quite frankly) is what does success look like for the blog. For me (and I can’t speak for BJ on this) it is about enjoying it. I look forward to writing my posts and coming up with content. I get a thrill when someone ‘likes’ my post. I don’t think it can be about the number of Twitter followers you have, or the number of blog followers or whatever. That stuff will make you crazy. I was a bit obsessed about that in the beginning, but I am learning to let it go. Honestly, I want this to be fun and enjoyable and not something that we HAVE to do.

The coolest thing and the biggest perk is that I get to review books. I count myself very fortunate that I get free books to review. That has been fun, no doubt. It’s definitely been a learning experience, since I had no idea that this was a thing before. (If I did, I would have started a book blog a long time ago!)

The past three months have gone by quickly, it’s been fun and I have had the opportunity to read books that I would never have read before. Who knows what the next 3 months will bring.

Thanks for reading!

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