My take on reading goals

reading challengeSo, following up on Barb’s post on reading goals, I thought I would put my own perspective in.  I know it is considered declasse by people in the serious literary set, who, it turns out, are drunk a lot.  I know, you should love reading and you shouldn’t need goals and all that.  Quality over quantity.  I get it.

I do a goal and I like it.  As Barb mentioned, it is important to remember that a goal is just a goal.  A target.  You are not on the Bataan Death March.  It’s a goal, designed to encourage a certain level of activity but not to suspend all reason.  (Something I have seen put in less positive terms on numerous performance reviews.)

So, with that in mind, I just kind of kept it in my mind that I wasn’t going to start reading short books just to make the goal.  We read War and Peace and Infinite Jest the last two years, each of which was the equivalent of four smaller books, and which are not reading goal friendly, but I don’t want to stop doing that, so I just keep it kind of loose and don’t get wrapped up in the goal too much.  I might mentally add it in, for my own purposes.

Also, if I read all of a literary journal, that’s a book.nerds

At one point, I was thinking, you know, there could be like a book equivalency of pages, like an FTE or some kind of sports stat, a truly evolved metric with a ∑ in it, and then I thought, maybe you are taking the book nerd thing a little too literally.

The main thing I like about goals is that when you get to the end of the year, you don’t get that “what did I do with my year” feeling, which no one likes.  I need to get next year’s goal set up…



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